Forced Labor

Forced Labor for 64 in Pensacola
The SCORM 2.0 Requirements Gathering Workshop in Pensacola was attended by 64 SCORM enthusiasts from business, government, and academia. Representatives came from the US, Canada, Japan, German, the UK, Singapore and Korea. After a half-day plenary discussion on Wednesday morning, the groups broke into four tracks to deliberate four major themes from the White Papers that had been received over the summer: use cases for LET 2.0, sequencing, software architecture, and business requirements. Summaries of each of the four tracks were presented at a closing plenary on Friday morning. These presentations, along with session minutes and videos of the plenaries are being posted on the wiki.

Several major topics from the White Papers were not discussed during this meeting. Future meetings are being planned to address these issues, including content aggregation, formats and life-cycle management. Additionally, meetings in different geographies and in specific communites of practice (Learning 2008, SIFA, ADL, …) are being planned. The hope is that the outcome of this meeting will help drive requirements gathering in later meetings.