The LETSI Community
LETSI (Learning-Education-Training Systems Interoperability) is an international non-profit federation dedicated to improving individual and organizational learning and performance.

Our community defines itself in terms of standards and interoperability and innovation. Often, people involved in learning technology do not see the importance of standards. While most practitioners are focused on bandaging the bumps and bruises their products incur in development, standards efforts focus on reducing overall risk, stabilizing markets, stimulating investment, and leveling the innovation playing field. LETSI’s goal is to promote the widespread use of technology to meet the world’s ever growing demand for learning by bringing together the many diverse communities of practice across the learning technology market.

Our global community has needed a champion for some time, one that is not dominated by commercial vendors, not focused on just K-12 or corporate training or higher education, and not specific to one country or region. The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) needs a new home too. It has outgrown the U.S. Department of Defense. LETSI, we hope, will be a champion for us all. Learn more about LETSI.