LETSI Technical Roadmap

LETSI Technical Roadmap Working Group (LETSI Tech)
The charter of this working group is to define the technical strategies and deliverables for LESTI, including a technical roadmap, and to support the technical aspects of the collaboration with ADL related to LETSI assuming the stewardship of SCORM.

Please comment on the 100+ submitted SCORM 2.0 White Papers.

Next WG Telecon – Tuesday, November 4 2008
Proposed Agenda

Roll Call
Review/Approve Agenda
Review/Approve 20081021 TRWG Meeting Minutes
General LETSI news
New WGs and WG Coordination
WG infrastructure (wiki, email reflector)
Day/Time Next Meeting

14:00 UTC
6:00am U.S. Pacific
8:00am Mexico Central
9:00am U.S. Eastern
2:00pm UK
3:00pm France/Germany
11:00pm Korea/Japan
Duration 1.5 hours